Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hello!! The past few weeks I've had quite a few people ask to take family photos. I guess it's already that time of year to start thinking about family Christmas cards and take advantage of the beautiful fall colors!

I want to make sure I can schedule everyone, so I thought I'd offer a discount of those that schedule before October 10th( only scheduled, does not have to be taken before the 10th).  The cost for those that schedule prior to Oct. 10th will be $140(includes cd with at least 20 images and 4x6 proofs). Anything scheduled after the 10th will be $175 (will also include cd and proofs).

Please email me at to schedule. Thanks and I look forward to working with all of you!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

who cares what you're wearing...

So, this morning I was leaving a message on John's cell phone seeing if he wanted to go to Ikea later today. Eleanor was playing right by me but left into her room right after I hung up the phone. A few minutes pass and she brings be shirt #1: a pink turtle neck. I put it on her. A few more minutes and she brings me shirt #2: a blue turtle neck. Next, she appears with shirt #3: a teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt (thanks Aunt Sara!!). Then she comes in with her elephant pjs and her pink cowboy boots on.  Lastly, she walks in with a "Miller Beer" hat on.  Finally, she was ready for Ikea.  Gotta love her style!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We just got back from a great weekend in Arizona!! 

We got in late Thursday afternoon just in time for Amy's bridal shower. The shower was at Elizabeth's house and it was so much fun!! It was nice seeing so many friends and family and catching up with everyone.  Sara,Jeff and Elyse put together a great video/game of Davey answering questions about Amy. Davey came up with some pretty funny answers!! They are such a cute couple and we can't wait for the big day!! 

While all the girls were at the bridal shower, my dad got a suite at the Diamondbacks game for all the boys and kids.  John said it was a lot of fun. Eleanor had a good time seeing all her cousins. She is still talking about the "basketball" game. 

Friday night we celebrated Stacey, Dad and Eleanor's birthday. We had another carnival party complete with TONS of prizes and Halloween pjs for all the grandkids. I loved being with the entire family. It is so much fun seeing all the cousins playing together. Eleanor LOVES all her cousins. She is constantly talking about all her cousins and is always asking to go to Mimi's house. (The other day I was asking her if she was a big girl or a baby and her response was, "I'm Lydia and McKenna".)

After the party we headed over to Amanda and Theron's house to play games. The girls killed the boys in  Taboo. For those that don't know, Sara, Amy and I rock at Taboo. I can honestly say we have NEVER lost this game. We used to play this ALL the time with the missionaries in Chile. 
Saturday was Eleanor's actual birthday and I totally forgot about it! We went out to breakfast with Sara+Dick, Jeff+Elyse, Dad and Stacy and while we were waiting to be seated John reminded me that it was Eleanor's birthday. I felt kind of bad because we left her home with Amy, but I'm sure she had more fun watching Charlotte's Web with Amy and Davey.

As you can see from the photos, Eleanor sported Dora band aids all weekend. This is her new thing. She loves wearing them. Oh and she also found a little doll's dress that she called her "new dress" and she loved wearing that around everywhere as well. And, I just realized she has candy in her mouth in both photos. I think she ate nearly a pound of See's chocolates over the weekend!!

Later that afternoon we went dress shopping for Amy's wedding. We started off with Eleanor but had to send her home with John and Dad because she was being horrible! She was running all over the place and hiding in the dressing rooms. She was hiding in a dressing room and told Amy to "get out of my house". Geeze, I wonder why I HATE shopping!! 

After shopping I met up with John at Jeff's house to watch the last big of the Utah football game. When I got there I had to laugh...Dad, Theron, Ashley and Jeff were all in one room watching the BYU game and John was alone in another room watching Utah. Gotta love his dedication!!

After the game Mom and Dad took Eleanor to see Mama Mia for her birthday. My mom has been wanting to take Eleanor to see this so I've been having Eleanor listen to ABBA a lot. I started laughing when I saw my parent's walk in the door a  good 45 minutes before the show should have ended. I guess Eleanor was a little to hyper for the rest of the audience! Of course she had her popcorn, drink and candy, but that didn't keep her too occupied.  They did say she enjoyed the movie and had fun.

For dinner we had to make our traditional stop at Flancers for the BLTs. I love that place!!

Saturday night we planned on going bowling but ended up playing games. Jeff came up with a great Taboo championship and it was a blast!!! Sara and John were up against each other for the final round and Sara came out the winner! It was supper intense! 

We were all so sad to leave on Sunday!! I hate when trips go by so fast!! Thanks to everyone for having and hanging out with us!

the kitchen...

Ever since we've moved into our house I've wanted to paint the kitchen. I always loved the color, Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware, but was afraid it was too similar to my original color. A few weeks ago I couldn't stand it any longer and I finally did it!! When I told John I was going to paint he decided he would hang bead board. I also got new light fixtures (the little chandelier is my favorite, unfortunately it doesn't show up too well in the photos). We also painted a chalkboard on one of our walls and made a frame for it.  I still have some things to hang on the wall, I'm just waiting for them to arrive (I'll post more photos when I get them hung). So here you have it, our much needed kitchen makeover!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

eleanor's birthday carnival...

Saturday we celebrated Eleanor's birthday carnival style. We made a little carnival in the backyard complete with a beanbag toss, a blow up jumping toy, balloon popping with darts, pin the nose on the clown, tickets, fun prizes, an awesome cake (thanks aunt Jay), sparklers, corn dogs & hamburgers, jar full of bubble gum, a pinata stuffed with 40lbs. of candy, lights and plenty of family and friends!! We had such a fun night seeing all our family and friends. Eleanor was a little preoccupied with being held by Mimi, but I think overall she had a good time. This year she didn't freak about the pinata (thanks Sara and Dick for NOT getting an animal), but was a little freaked out about the sparklers on her cake. All summer she's been obsessed with fireworks, so I thought they would be a hit. We had such a fun night seeing all our friends and family. I always wish I had more time to talk to everyone!

Monday, September 8, 2008

horrible parents...

This past week our poor Eleanor has been on her own. John and I have been busy painting our kitchen and hanging bead board. Poor Eleanor has been left to fend for herself. Two nights in a row we left her alone in the family room watching Annie and found her dead asleep on the couch. It broke my heart both times this happened! I always feel guilty when she doesn't get a bath or her teeth brushed at night. Hopefully we can finish things up in the next day or two and she won't have to be our little orphan Ella!


John and I are both so excited for this year's football season!! Saturday was the first home game and it was such a great game!! We met up with our friends, Blake and Becky, for dinner before the big game. Tradition is to go to Ruth's Diner, but we were running a little late so we ate at Paradise. I wasn't able to pick up tickets until Thursday and the only tickets they had left were way up in the standing room. Luckily we found some open seats (it was a sold out game) a few rows below and didn't have to stand the entire game! I'm so glad that all the home games this year are during the night.  The weather was 'football perfect' and we stomped on UNLV. After the game we watched the fireworks. It was such a fun evening. I LOVE college football and can't wait for our next home game!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I think I've talked about how much Eleanor LOVES Annie. Well, today John and I have been working on a few projects around the house and she's been in the front room watching Annie all day! A few minutes ago John and I were in our room and could hear that Eleanor was in the kitchen. I went to check on her and she had gone into the kitchen to grab the broom. She took the broom into the family room and started dancing with it to Annie. It was on the part where Annie gets busted for sneaking out and she starts sweeping. Right when the song was over Eleanor then took the broom back into the kitchen. I swear, this little girl has a mind of her own and I LOVE seeing it come through!!