Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby LouDawn

I came across this photo today and I think Amelia looks a lot like my mom.

And, I also think this photo looks a lot like Olive.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amelia As of Today

She is eight months old and could not be more enjoyable. She loves to be held or played with and when she is left alone, she lets out the saddest cry.

I love getting her out of bed in the morning. She wakes up and plays in her in crib and when she sees me she gives me the biggest smile!

There is nothing like her kisses! They are wet and cover your entire face.

She has started eating her baby food from a straw. I wasn't fast enough with the spoon and she would yell at me when ever I took a brake to feel the spoon. The straw was the perfect solution. She gets to eat her food as fast as she likes and it's mess free! She will also drink formula from a cup with a straw but not from a bottle.

She has got the best mohawk! She has a small little patch of hair along the top of her head and it stands straight up.

She can babble with the best of them. So far all she says is "da da' and "ts ts".

She has quite the little death grip and loves to go for your nose or lips. And it hurts!

She loves watching Eleanor and laughing at her. Eleanor doesn't have to do much to get some great belly laughs from Eleanor.

On the other hand, she also gets annoyed with Eleanor. I guess she doesn't appreciate the hickeys Eleanor gives her.

She eats anything but when she's had enough she'll let you know!

She loves drinking from water bottles and likes spitting it down her tummy even better.

Can go from the sitting position onto her knees, but doesn't seem too interested in crawling.

Instead of crying, she yells. She doesn't do it too often, so when she does it you know she is really trying to tell you something.

She is growing up to dang fast and keeps getting more and more fun. We love her to pieces!

Eleanor As of Today

I have got to write down a few of these things so I don't forget them. There really is never a dull day with this little lady.

In Jackson our hotel didn't have a tub so Eleanor had to shower. At first she did not want to get into the shower, but by the end of the trip she was asking for showers. Now, it's only showers for her! And, she is telling me she needs "private time" while showering.

Today while driving I got cut off and said a few choice words. A few minutes later Eleanor asks me, "Mom, what's a dip-shit"?

She loves playing with Amelia and was so excited to teach her how to clap her hands. Every time Amelia starts clapping her hands, Eleanor runs over to her and says in a high pitched voice, "Good job Amelia. Your big sister is so proud of you".

She is constantly giving Amelia hickeys on her cheeks. It makes me so mad, but I can't blame her. Amelia's cheeks are that much fun to kiss (and suck on I guess).

She loves music! I've been making her mix cds with kids songs and she LOVES it! Her favorite songs right now are: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better; Sisters, Sisters; I've Got A Feeling; The Siamese Cat Song and Challengers (by the New Pornographers). For both Sisters, Sisters and Anything You Can Do songs, Eleanor has assigned singing parts for she and I. I love it! She knows all the words to the songs and gets pretty upset if I mess up or if sing one of her lines.

Barbies are her favorite thing to play. She is constantly asking me to play with her. She loves her new toy room and can play barbies for hours. She gets into it and loves to pretend that she has 16 sisters. In fact, she is always telling me she wants me to have 16 more girls. (Could you imagine?)

She still talks, yells, scream, sing and laughs in her sleep. The other morning I could hear her singing Anything You Can Do. It was adorable.

Shrimp and otterpops are her favorite foods right now. And she loves sneaking drinks of John's diet dew.

She adores her cousins. Especially Ashely, Savannah, Katelyn and Lydia. The other day at the park she told a little kid that she only plays with her cousins.

My favorite thing she says is, "of course I will" or "of course I do". It's so cute.

The list could go on and on, but I'm getting too tired.