Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

tea party...

This afternoon Eleanor had three cute friends over for a tea party. It was so much fun seeing all the little girls dressed up in their 'beautiful' dresses and 'pretty' shoes. Of course the tea (pink lemonade) and the cookies were about all they ate. After the tea they all hit the sprinklers! Again, they were so cute in their little diapers, or bare buns! It really was a fun afternoon. I'm so glad Eleanor has such great friends...and great mom friends!! Of course we all took a thousand photos. There were so many cute ones. I quickly wen through and found a few.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

farm land

I met up with Tiffany, Paul and Addie today at Farm Land. I went with Mindy Johnson a few weeks ago and Eleanor loved it!! It is Eleanor's dreamland!  She loves feeding all the animals and loves the pony ride. Since our first visit, every time she talks on the phone with anyone she tells them about how the horse in front of her pooped. We even had to come home and put diapers on all her horses because she was positive they were going to poop. She cracks me up!! Well, after todays visit I decided we need a year pass. I'm sure we'll be down there at least twice a week...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day

We had a great memorial day weekend! Saturday we spent most the day doing yard work. We laid down weed guard and put in new bark between the fence and curbing.  We were beat so we just ordered in food and spent the evening at home. 
Sunday was a huge milestone, Eleanor stayed in nursery the entire time! The trick was having Lori drop her off with Evan. I do the nursery singing time and would take her with me before she was old enough for nursery. By the time she was actually in nursery she was used to be being in with her.  I get the biggest kick out of watching her sitting on her little chair participating in nursery. She doesn't really sing, but she's got a lot of the hand actions down. I think her new favorite is Book of Mormon Stories.  
Sunday evening we had Jay and Scott over for a BBQ.  It was such nice weather and Eleanor, Zack and Bear had a blast playing out in the yard. Eleanor loved chasing Bear and Zack to give them hugs and kisses. I don't think either really enjoyed it! After the BBQ we went over to Jay and Scott's to get some Johnny-Jump-Ups starters for our flower garden. While we were over Zack took Eleanor on a long ride in his little motorized truck. It was hilarious, it was like they were on this little date! On the way home Sara called and said they had a lay over in SLC and because Jeff's back was hurting they were able to change their tickets for the next day at 3pm.
Monday morning we met up with Sara, Dick, Jeff, Elyse, Dick, Janet and Kara and her kids at Ruth's Diner. It was raining all morning and was so beautiful in the canyon. It was fun getting to see all of them and it was a great excuse to go to Ruth's. We LOVE Ruth's!!! After breakfast we stopped by Westside Nursery to pick up some more creeping thyme for our walkway. We were going to try and build our pergola over the weekend, but the rainy weather didn't allow us.  The weather warmed up a bit and we were able to have another BBQ with Scott, Michelle, Jay, Scot and Lori and Ryan. I made my famous beer-batter fries (i don't really think they are famous, they just take forever so I'm going to claim they are famous!) and everyone else brought some great food!! Of course we had to end the night playing a little game of ticket to ride. So there you have it!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

cookie weather...

it was cold, cloudy and rainy again yesterday. on my way home from picking up eleanor, i decided it was a good day to make cookies. this is a rare occasion, i hate making cookies. the truth is while in nyc i bought the magnolia bakery cookbook and really wanted to try it out. i made the toffee pecan cookies and yes they were GOOD! of course i had my little helper...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


dang, it was cold today! yesterday it was 93 and today it was 50-something. what a joke! of course i've been letting eleanor play outside these past few days and of course she HAD to be outside again today.  she was so mad i would not let her play in the 'water' (rain). i swear if we bought her a little dog house she'd prefer to just live outside. hopefully this week john and i can finish our pergola and gate so she can have free range out on the patio. 

Friday, May 9, 2008


Eleanor and I just got back from a two week vacation. We flew down to ari