Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve At Home

I think I enjoy Christmas Eve just as much if not more then Christmas Day. It's been so much fun starting traditions with our little family. Last year we left carrots for the reindeer and Eleanor made sure we didn't forget this year. We also made a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies for Santa (per Santa's request) and left him a big mug of milk.

After the cookies and carrots were left out, Eleanor and Amelia got to open their Christmas Eve present. Each year it's a new Christmas book and I read it to the girls in Eleanor's bed. Right after we finished reading we heard a large thump on the roof and then we heard jingle bells! Eleanor was so excited! She hurried and covered her eyes with her hands, laid down and told me I need to get out so she can go to sleep! I went to check on her 15 minutes later and she was out cold!

The rest of the night John and I got things ready while watching White Christmas. We got everything wrapped up (pun intended) around 11:30. I had to promise John I wouldn't wake the girls up at 5am (I did that last year and Eleanor wasn't quite ready to wake up!). It was hard for me, but I finally fell asleep and waited for Eleanor to wake us.

Making sure the reindeer had plenty of carrots.

Amelia was being soo good about getting her photo taken! What a little pill!

This year Santa left letters in the girl's stockings. Eleanor thought it was pretty awesome!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Martin Christmas Eve Party

This year we spent Christmas Eve in Elk Ridge with John's family. The highlight was a surprise visit from Santa!! Aunt Lana was reading 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' and at the very end of the book Santa came into the room. The look on Eleanor's face was awesome!! She was beyond excited! Right after he sat down in his chair she walked up to him and asked him if she got his letter (we had just mailed it earlier that morning). It was the sweatiest thing. She was even more excited when he brought her a set of princess kooky klickers. She told John that she has wanted those her entire life! Amelia didn't seem to impressed with Santa, but she wasn't afraid of him either. She did like her very first play dough set.

The kids also did their gift exchange. This was the first year Eleanor got to pick out all the presents for her cousins. She had a lot of fun picking out Lilly's gift and asked me about a 100 times if she could open it and just "test it out" for Lilly.

Listening to Twas The Night Before Christmas. You tell how much fun John was having!
Seeing Santa walk in.
Asking Santa if he got her letter.
Excited about her present from Santa. I had to explain to her that he was still coming to our house that night.

Amelia chillin with Santa.Amelia was more interested in Eleanor's hand then getting her photo taken.All the Martin grandchildren except Katelyn and Savannah.
Grandchildren with Great Grandma Hatch.
Don't ask!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Salem Pond and Grandma Hatch

Each Christmas season Salem City does an amazing job with their light display around the pond. We have made a little tradition of picking up Fat Jacks for dinner with Grandma Hatch at her house and then driving around the pond looking at the lights. Grandma Hatch is such an amazing Grandma. Growing up John was so close to her and she continues to stay close with her grand kids and great grandchildren. She knows every single birthday of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Eleanor loves her Grandma Hatch and I just hope Amelia can develop the same relationship with her.

The lights this year were just as awesome as years past. We made the loop three times and I could have done it a few more times! I never get tired of Christmas lights!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Santa was at Eleanor's dance recital and the girls got to sit on his lap! Eleanor made sure to tell him what she wants and Amelia just enjoyed sitting on another man's lap! We wrote the girl's letters to Santa last night. Only 6 days left!!!

Eleanor's Second Christmas Recital

Tonight Eleanor and Katelyn had their second dance recital at the Draper City Christmas Festival. The girl's teacher had surgery earlier this week and was not able to be there and it was quite apparent! One little girl, London, was the only one doing anything and all the other girls just stood there and watched her and occasionally did a few moves. It was hilarious!

Eleanor doesn't always enjoying going to dance school. She begs me to miss it every week, but when it comes time to performances, she LOVES it!

Oh So Close!

Amelia is so close to walking and she has been for a few months now. She can totally do it but still prefers to crawl. Just this weekend she has started taking more steps and wanting to walk more frequent.

I had to take a few photos of Amelia today. She looked like such a little person in her jeans and puffy vest. I love it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Want That Marble

Today in the car Eleanor and I were talking about dying and people we know who have passed away. Here is my favorite part of the conversation:

Eleanor: Mom, is Grandpa Hall dead.
Me: Nope. He's alive.
Eleanor: No, the grandpa with the marble eye.
Me: Oh, you mean Grandpa Wolfley? No, he's still alive.
Eleanor: When he dies I want that marble eye to add to my rock collection.

Okay Eleanor, maybe, just maybe you'll inherit that fine marble!

Lights At Temple Square

This year we picked the most perfect night to go see the lights at Temple Square. Our plan was to get to Temple Square around 6ish but John has been working on a big audit at work and wasn't able to leave his work until 8:45. Luckily, Sara and Dick live down town so the girls and I were able to hang out with them while we waited for John. We ordered in from The Pie and enjoyed a little tv. Finally we met up with John at his work and caught trax to Temple Square. By the time we arrived it was already pass 9pm and the grounds were almost completely empty. It was amazing! And the weather was ideal. I believe it was around 45°. Eleanor was beyond thrilled with all the lights and the freedom to run around. Amelia on the other hand was not having all that great of time. She wasn't too happy she had to wear a hat and couldn't understand why she couldn't get down and crawl. (If only she'd start walking!)

Overall it was a great night. We've been trying to cram as many fun Christmas activities into the past few weeks. I can't believe Christmas is next week. I'm not ready for this wonderful time of the year to come to an end!