Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We've Moved...

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Eleanor has been so anxious to loose her first tooth. A few months back her dentist told me her bottom teeth were a little loose and even though its a little early its okay. Well, Eleanor was eating a piece of pumpkin pie and hit her tooth with the fork and knocked it really loose. She wiggled it with her tooth for a day but would not let anyone touch it in fear of pain. While at preschool Eleanor took a bite of an apple and felt something in her mouth. She pulled it out and asked her teacher what it was. Her teacher looked at it and told her she just lost her tooth! Eleanor was beyond excited when I picked her up from preschool!

She wanted me to write a note to the tooth fairy asking her if she can keep her tooth so she can make a necklace with it. So, we put her tooth under her pillow with the note. At 4:45 am Eleanor discovered that she got a visit from the tooth fairy! Under her pillow was the little baggy her tooth was in and inside it was a note and a key from the tooth fairy. We looked around her room and found a tiny fairy door inside her closet. When she opened the little door she found a 2 dollar bill covered in fairy dust. It was so much fun watching Eleanor's excitement.

When I tried taking her photo she would not have it! She didn't think her hair looked good so she put on a hat. Oh that girl!