Monday, March 29, 2010

Amelia's Eating!

We gave Amelia her first bite of rice cereal today and she loved it. I guess I wasn't giving it to her fast enough so she started diving for the bowl! It was so fun watching her discover something new. The little stink had to put her fingers in her mouth along with the cereal which made for a real mess!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Science Museum

I really don't want to leave London, ever! It makes me sick to think we are living in one week. I love just about everything this city has to offer! Everyday I beg John to find a full time job here!

I took the girls to the Science Museum this morning. They had a few fun exhibits for smaller children and Eleanor had a good time running around and exploring. I thought it would be a great idea to take her to the 3D Imax movie about sea monsters, what was I thinking? About 15 minutes into the movie she had had enough and wanted to get the heck out of there! I feel bad, but I got the biggest kick out of watching her get scared to death! At one point she yelled out in total fear, "It's going to eat me!!". I tried explaining to her that they were all fake, but that did help to much. I only wish I had a video of her. I'm afraid she will be scared for life.

When I got home I had forgotten it was Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised to walk into a sparkling clean flat! I LOVE Tuesdays in London. Tuesday=cleaning day. How can I go back to my real life?? Seriously?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our everyday...

Since we had such a busy weekend, I decided to relax today. A few months ago on a road trip to AZ I had my ipod on shuffle and the song, "Let's Get Together" from the Parent Trap started playing and Eleanor couldn't get enough of it. So, today I pulled up the clip on youtube and Eleanor had a good time watching it and learning all the words. This brought back a flood of memories from my childhood. Sara, Amy and I used to watch this movie over and over. I'm pretty sure I could quote the entire movie! First thing I'm doing when I get back to Utah is purchasing this classic.

I have been so spoiled with getting to meet up with John for lunch nearly everyday! I love my little walk to his office. The girls and I have become friends with a few of the restaurant workers on our street. My favorite are the two old men at the Italian restaurant. We have eaten there a few times and the last time we were there the old man took Eleanor's hand and lead her to "our" table. Kids aren't quite as common here in London like they are back in Utah. People are always telling Eleanor she is such a cute princess (yes, she is still wearing that darn princess dress everywhere we go!) and Amelia has a heyday being in the baby bjourn. She gets to smile to everyone who passes by!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hyde Park Outing

The sun was out and the temp was in the high 40s, so I gathered my little entourage and we headed out for Hyde Park. I didn't feel like packing the stroller and two kids by myself on the tube (too many stairs to deal with) so I opted to make the 3.5 mile trek. (I say trek because pushing a double stroller on the crowded streets in London is a challenge!)

If you have ever been to London, you know how confusing the streets here can be. Not only do streets change names all the time but it's nearly impossible to find street signs! I was shocked that I made it to the park without getting lost or having to ask directions.

On the way over Eleanor spotted a little cafe serving waffles so we made a little pit stop. I ordered a waffle with whip cream and Eleanor ate the entire thing!! She kept saying it was so delicious and asked why I can't make waffles like this.

On our walk I discovered the mecca of shopping in London, Oxford Street. I was able to run into a few stores, but wished I could have shopped longer!

Even though the sun was out, it got pretty chilly and Eleanor's poor little hands were ice cold! Finally, after 2 hours we made it to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground. It was well worth the walk. Eleanor had a blast swinging, playing on the large ship, digging in the sand and running around!

When it was time to go home I really wasn't in the mood to walk all the way home so we all jumped on the tube. I am so grateful for my Combi stroller. I was able to fold it up and swing it over my shoulder, carry Amelia in her car seat with one arm and hold Eleanor's hand with my other hand. I'm sure I looked like a circus act! I had to fight hard to keep Eleanor from falling sleep on the train. There's NO WAY I could have managed 3 flights of stairs with two sleeping kids, car seat and stroller!

Eleanor fell asleep right when I put her in the stroller and has been asleep ever since (about 3 hours). Amelia slept all throughout our adventure and has been keeping me company as I write this.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eleanor at Three and Half Years

Wow, there is a lot about Eleanor that I love at this age (and let's be honest, there is a lot that I don't love!) Some of my favorite things about her at this age are:

Her imagination. I would love to know what goes on inside this little girls mind! Just right this second she is playing with two wooden spoons and told me she is playing her violin. She can take any boring thing and turn it into a fabulous toy. She is consistently pretending to be other people or having imaginary friends. My favorite is when she wants to play "Grandma and Grandpa" or when she wants to play restaurant lady.

She is obsessed with her cousin Savannah. She thinks Savannah is "the best big girl". Anytime we want to get Eleanor to do something, all we have to say is that Savannah does it. She is constantly asking when she will be the same age as Savannah.

She will not let me call her "baby" and is always reminding me that she is a big girl.

She loves wearing dresses and tights. She is always telling me how much she hates shirts and pants. She especially loves wearing her princess dress and her pretty pink shoes.

She loves barbie dolls. (Something I have NOT influenced!)

She loves to dance and has got quite the moves. This little girl knows how to shake her hips!

She will eat anything! Last night we were out to dinner and she ate half of a stuffed squid and the day before she hate half a plate of smoked salmon. She calls meet "fat" and its a little embarrassing when we are at a restaurant and she tells the waiter she wants fat.

She is amazing with Amelia! She is always playing with her and worried when she starts crying.

She has the most awkward smile for the camera.

She still has a love for "squishy" things.

She can tease with the best of them!

She is our little night owl.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Amelia At Four Months

Amelia is four months and eight days old and she is so much fun! Here are a few things that I absolutely LOVE about here at this stage:

Her laugh. It's the cutest thing. It's a deep little belly laugh and it's not hard to make her laugh. Yesterday I was just tapping her little cheek and saying "yes" and she could not stop laughing.

Her smile. All you have to do is look at the little thing and she'll give you a huge smile! I love that she will smile at anyone and actually looks around for people to smile at.

Her little hands. Just this week she is really discovering how they work. At a restaurant last night John gave her a wrapper and she played with it for a 20 minutes. You could tell she was working so hard on opening and closing her hands in order to grab it. She was pretty pleased with herself.

Rolling over. She started rolling over about two weeks ago and hasn't stopped ever since. Anytime I lay her on her back she immediately rolls over. She hasn't quite figured out rolling over from her tummy to her back so she gets really frustrated and starts crying. I will put her on her back and once again, she rolls right to her tummy. When she gets the tummy to back down, she's going to be ALL over the place!

Her little voice. This little girl loves to blab! She's just like Eleanor and will talk herself to sleep. I love hearing her babbling in her bed first thing in the mornings. (Can't wait to be on a road trip with these two girls in a few years...)

Her chubby rolls! I seriously can't get over how cute her little legs, butt and cheeks are. I love them!

Sucking her thumb. I know this can become a problem in the future, but right now it's adorable! My favorite is watching her find her thumb. She starts clear at the top of her forehead and makes her way down to her mouth. And when she find her thumb, she goes to town! She is a loud little thumb sucker! I also love how she puts all her other fingers on top of her nose.

Her cry. Yes, I love her cry. (Maybe because she rarely cries!) When she does cry she shows it in her entire face. She has the best poutty face!

I love that she can sleep anywhere and is not a supper light sleeper.

Her lips. They are huge and so squishy!!I am in the process of teaching her how to give kisses and she loves it!

I love that her favorite song is the little chant from Big. All I have to is start singing, "I met a girlfriend" and she starts smiling and kicking her legs!

I love that she adores Eleanor. She follows her with her eyes all day and loves it when Eleanor lays down next to her. So far, she doesn't even mind Eleanor rubbing her chin.