Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We've Moved...

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Eleanor has been so anxious to loose her first tooth. A few months back her dentist told me her bottom teeth were a little loose and even though its a little early its okay. Well, Eleanor was eating a piece of pumpkin pie and hit her tooth with the fork and knocked it really loose. She wiggled it with her tooth for a day but would not let anyone touch it in fear of pain. While at preschool Eleanor took a bite of an apple and felt something in her mouth. She pulled it out and asked her teacher what it was. Her teacher looked at it and told her she just lost her tooth! Eleanor was beyond excited when I picked her up from preschool!

She wanted me to write a note to the tooth fairy asking her if she can keep her tooth so she can make a necklace with it. So, we put her tooth under her pillow with the note. At 4:45 am Eleanor discovered that she got a visit from the tooth fairy! Under her pillow was the little baggy her tooth was in and inside it was a note and a key from the tooth fairy. We looked around her room and found a tiny fairy door inside her closet. When she opened the little door she found a 2 dollar bill covered in fairy dust. It was so much fun watching Eleanor's excitement.

When I tried taking her photo she would not have it! She didn't think her hair looked good so she put on a hat. Oh that girl!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Growing Up

I hate that it's happening, but my little Eleanor is growing up. Tonight while cuddling on the couch she was telling me all the kids in her primary class. When she got to a little boy named Noah she said, "Not the one with the blond hair but the cute one". It was so cute how she said I loved that she was comfortable enough to tell me about this little Noah. I asked him why she thought he was cute and she said because he is really nice and has brown hair. I wish I knew the trick to keeping her young but obviously that's not going to happen so I just hope she will continue being so trusting and open with me. Soon after she told me this we both fell asleep on the couch. I know it may not sound like much but to me this was such a sweet memory for me.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jude's Blessing

We decided to wait until Thanksgiving weekend to bless Jude. John's parents just returned from a mission and my parent's were in town for Thanksgiving so it worked out great. We blessed him in our home with just family. It was a great morning and Jude was the prefect little baby. He loved all the attention and looked adorable in his blessing outfit.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at our home with Mimi & Grandpa and Sara, Dick & Henry. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable day. Eleanor was so much fun to watch. She was really into celebrating Thanksgiving and even made her own fruit salad. She helped make the name cards and set the table all by herself. (She put all the boys on one side and the girls on another) She even wanted me to take a million photos of her. She sure does make our lives more interesting!

John and Grandpa spent most the afternoon finishing our Christmas lights. They spent quite a few hours out in the cold and they did a fantastic job! (And I am so grateful for my Dad's help. He did my portion!)

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I always love Thanksgiving and this year was fabulous!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Cecilia

My kiddos have a new cousin and she is adorable!! Amy had Cecilia on November 8th and Sara and I drove down will all our kids to be there for the big day. We couldn't all fit in one car and our rental van turned out being twice as expensive as we thought so ended up caravanning (is that a word?). Eleanor went with Sara and Henry and I kept Amelia and Jude. Jude we perfect! He cried maybe a 5 minutes (different story coming home) and Amelia only cried once when she got her arm stuck outside her car seat straps. I'm not sure where she came up with it but the entire drive down Amelia kept saying, "Mom watch out the cars". At first I thought it was really cute but after 10 hours of hearing that every few minutes I kind of went a little crazy!

Poor Amy was expecting to go into the hospital on Thursday night but didn't actually go in until Sunday. After nearly 40 hours of labor she was still only at a 2 so they took Cecilia by cesarean.
Davey and Amy did a great job and Cecilia is adorable! Seeing how small Cecilia was made me really miss having Jude as a tiny new born. In fact, right after she was born I spent nearly the entire next day holding and cuddling my little Jude. It's just not fair they have to grow so dang fast!

It was so much fun being down in Arizona for the arrival of Cecilia and being around family. Because of weather we ended up staying in AZ for 12 days. My girls had the time of their lives being with their cousin and it was fun having Jude meet everyone. Henry and Amelia loved being with each other all day and got in a lot of time with Olive, Jonathan, Lincoln and Elena. They are all going to be quite the rowdy bunch in a few years!

I didn't take many photos so I stole these from Aunt Sara.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night

Halloween did not disappoint this year. John got home early from work and Sara and Henry were able to come and spend the evening with us. Eleanor and I made a cinnamon bread spider which turned out pretty good. I was going to try and make something spooky for dinner but didn't have time but we did have some yummy butternut squash soup.

Eleanor was planning on being a princess but last minute she asked if she could be the witch from It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I tried talking her into wearing a green mask and a witch hat but she only wanted to wear the white sheet. I was actually thrilled that she asked to be the witch rather then the princess. I have a thing for homemade costumes. I think they are so much fun and I think she looked so cute in her little white sheet. Eleanor was pretty excited to hit every house in the neighborhood. Its nice living in an area where we know some many people.

Amelia and Henry were little buds and went as Winny the Pooh and Piglet. It was pretty dang cute watching the two of them. Henry has the best little walk and you could tell he was quite proud of his outfit. He was dripping wet when Sara took off his costume! Amelia had a great night. She didn't want to wear her costume when I tried it on her earlier today but I told her she could only get candy and see Henry if she wore her costume. I don't think she complained once about her costume all night! She had a great time walking around the neighborhood. She was excited to have Henry and Sara with us. She kept telling Sara to watch her as she walked up to the doors.

Jude got to wear the traditional pumpkin costume. All three of our kids have worn it for their first Halloween. I was a little afraid Jude wouldn't fit in it but we were able to squeeze him into it. He was a pretty cute little pumpkin. It's hard to think that he'll be walking around next Halloween.

Overall we had a great night. I'm sad to see Halloween be over but I'm excited to know that the holidays are just around the corner!! And even more excited that our newest little niece will be here by the end of the week!! Yeah!