Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eleanor's Fourth Birthday!

I always look forward to Eleanor's birthday and her party! This year was extra fun because she was so excited to turn four! The night of her actual birthday while getting ready for bed she said, "Are you sure I'm four. I still feel like I'm three.".

We had a really cute "dance" party this year. All the little girls came in tutus or dance wear and we had a girl from our neighborhood come over and give the girls (+Evan) a little dance class. They took it so serious, especially Eleanor.

Of course we stuck with tradition and had pinata. Eleanor saw the pinata earlier that week and
feel in love with it!

Overall we had a great party. It's been so much fun having this little girl of ours. She adds so much color to our family and makes our lives so much better! Here's to a great fourth year!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Poor Baby

Poor Amelia has another ear infection. She was miserable all weekend and to top it off I weaned her just the two days before she got sick. If only I had know she was getting sick I would have waited. I was really torn with the decision on weaning her. Amelia hasn't been sleeping through the night and I know it's because she relies on me for her "comfort" when she wakes up during the night. So, not only did I wean her, but I also started making her cry it out and sleep all night in her crib. The poor girl cried for a good hour (of course I patted her back every 10 minutes) and finally fell asleep. The second night was a 100x better and even though she's been sick, she's been sleeping in her bed. I put a little stuffed monkey in her crib and she cuddles up with it. It's the cutest thing! I'll be glad when she gets over this ear infection and she starts feeling better. This little girl takes after her dad and loves to be babied for while sick. She refuses to hold her own sippy cup and wants to be cuddled all day. Honestly, I love it. She is so fun to cuddle with and love on. I just really hope she gets over this infection fast and doesn't have another one anytime soon. The Dr. said if she gets another one within the next few months she's affraid she may need tubes. Poor girl!

Four Years Old!!

Eleanor turned four today. Four! I'm having a hard time comprehending this!

Yesterday we had a big family party to celebrate. We decided to go with an Italian theme complete with manicotti, fettucini alfredo, french bread, sanpellegrino and ice cream pizzas. Savannah and Ashley spent night and were great little helpers. They cleaned my house and even helped make the manicotti. Eleanor got spoiled rotten by all her cousins. She got a lot of barbies and pet shops, she was in heaven! Everyone had a good time and Eleanor loved having all her cousins over. When Dick was leaving Eleanor told him that she wasn't going to be able to sleep because of her new barbies and pet shops. And she was right, John and I fell asleep around 12 and she was still going strong!

First thing this morning Eleanor tells me she just doesn't feel four. It took some convincing, but she finally believed me that she was in fact four. Poor Amelia had another earn infection so we had to go to the Dr.s office. I felt bad Eleanor was spending her birthday at the Dr.s office but the nurses were all nice to her and gave her stickers and suckers. While filling Amelia's prescription, Eleanor found a toy she wanted. I figured she had gotten plenty the night before and when I told her no she responded with, "But mom, it IS my birthday". Although I found it funny, I didn't give in.

When we got home I could hear someone in our driveway so I had Eleanor tell me who it was. She told me it was a big guy and that she wasn't getting the door. Then two seconds later I see her eyes get big and hear her say, "Oh, I'm getting it. I'm definitely getting it". Turns out Amy and Davey sent her a bouquet of balloons and she was beyond excited! It made her day!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with her new toys and watching Jack and the Magic Bean "Stocking". We then met up with John at Old Navy to let Eleanor pick out a new dress for dinner. She couldn't find a dress she liked, so she got to pick out four shirts. Of course she picked out ones with a unicorn, dog, owl and penguin.

We had dinner at Outback because Eleanor loves their mac'n'cheese and shrimp. She loved the singing from the waiters and her ice cream. You could tell she thought she was so special. On the way home from dinner Eleanor pointed out that Heavenly Father and Jesus turned the sky pink because it was her birthday. Adorable!

Again, I really can't believe our little girl is four today. We love her so much and are so happy to have her!