Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amelia jane 21 months

I can't seem to get enough of Amelia lately. She is so dang cute and has quite the little personality! She loves to have the attention on her and will do anything to get a laugh or smile from anyone. She still isn't talking too much but what she does say is adorable. Some of my favorite are:
maca= motorcycle (which she LOVES)
ma= milk
ice= is any kind of drink other then milk
bite= means she is hungry
pretty= bracelet, dress, asking for her hair to be done and flowers
gaga= music. She loves to dance and will walk to the tv and ask for gaga (aka Lady Gaga)
yucky= means her hands are dirty and wants them cleaned
water= she either wants to go swimming or she has spilled any liquid on her
flop flop= her flip flops
papey= paper or crayons
puppy= is almost every animal.
oosa= horsey
side= outside and slide
park= slide
barbra= barbie
Mimi= my mom or any lady close to her age

She also says a lot of other words but they are used correctly so they aren't quite as cute.

Amelia has four dolls that she loves. She constantly has one in her arms or is pushing one around in the stroller or grocery cart. All her babies have to be wrapped in blankets and is constantly having me re wrap them. She also likes to make sure all her babies have a bottle at all times. My favorite thing to see is Amelia walking holding her baby and giving it kisses. It's so cute. I'm sure each baby receives hundreds of kisses daily.

She still has a love for shoes. She wears them 24/7. Anytime we have visitors Amelia makes sure to try on all the shoes and will wear her favorite for their entire visit. Recently she discovered the toy high heels and LOVES them!

When you ask who Amelia loves she will always answer Daddy, Ella and Mommy. And it's almost always in that order. And when you ask her who loves her she'll answer Mommy, Daddy and Ella. When asked who her best friend is she'll say Ella.

Most questions you ask her she'll respond with "yeah". And its not just a simple "yeah". She says it with a lot of excitement. I love it!

Amelia loves to color and holds her crayons or pencils correctly. She's been doing this since she was about 9 months old and its the cutest thing ever!

She brings me the phone multiple times a day and will either say, "Mimi, Lolo (Lori) or Daddy"

The girl loves sunglasses and will keep them on for hours. Anytime we are in the car she wants a pair on.

When she hears the garage door open or Miley bark she runs to the kitchen and starts yelling "daddy'.

She is our little dare-devil. She loves going down the tallest slides at the park. Will go on any ride and gets mad when it's over. She loves riding on Eleanor's bike, scooter or tricycle. She loves jumping into the swimming pool and has no fear of the water. She climbs on everything! She has fallen off our kitchen table a few times and I just know she's going to have a broken limb in just a matter of time.

Amelia can pinch with the best of them! She still thinks it funny even after she gets in a lot of trouble every time she pinches.

She has finally outgrown her obsession with the toilet water. Thankfully she only drinking filtered water now.

She loves getting her nails trimmed. She will often either bring me the clippers or sit down and try clipping her own nails.

First words out of her mouth every morning are "mommy. Ella. side". She could live outside if we let her. She loves looking for bugs and picking them up.

When you tell her to shake her booty she bends down puts her hands on her knees and literally shakes her booty. Adorable!

When I lay down with her at nap time she gets right up in my face and repeats "mommy mommy" and will kiss my face over and over. It's my favorite part of the day!

Every night after eating she asks for a bath and isn't happy when it's time to get out. She makes a HUGE mess while bathing. She likes to splash and throw out toys. She also likes to wash her own hair and body.

She does not like a wet or poopy diaper and will go get her own diaper but will then run away from me when I try to change her.

She has yet to say "no". Instead she just shakes her little head.

I'm pretty sure she'll be featured on My Strange Addiction for her love of lotion. She loves it. We always say that's why her skin is so soft.

She adores Eleanor. She tries to everything she does. If Eleanor is not in her sight she will yell for "Ella".

Amelia repeats her self a lot! She will say the same word over and over until you get what she wants. It drives me absolutely nuts!

She loves sweets and is constantly asking for popsicles or candy. It's impossible to sneak treats with her in the house. She has an insane sweet sense!

I'm sure I could list hundreds of more things I love about this girl, but it's time to but the little stink to bed. I seriously love this little girl and I know we are so blessed to have her in our family.

*The photos were taken while I was writing this post. Love her!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is what happens after playing with your favorite cousin for 24 hours.