Monday, April 27, 2009

ultra sound

Today we had our official ultra sound. Before I even got pregnant I knew I wanted to wait and not find out what I was having. Part of me thought we would be tempted to give in and just find out what we are having. But, we didn't! I made sure to tell the tech we didn't want to know and to stay away from that area. I also made John not look when she got even close to it. John is very good at reading ultra sounds and I did not want him to spoil the fun.

When we got home John swore he heard the tech refer to our little baby as a boy. Hum, now I'm wondering. I really don't have any feelings one way or another. The only thing I've noticed, is I kind of get a little bugged when people say I'm having a boy. Either way I will be beyond happy. Each sex has it's pros!