Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jude Houston Martin

It's hard to believe I have my first little baby boy laying right next to me in my bed. Even though I had nine months to think and dream about the arrival of this sweet little boy, I had no idea he would be so perfect and I could love him this much. He has such a calm and tender feel about him.

I've been wanting to write about his birth for a few days but I've felt overwhelmed each time I try. I don't think there is any way possible to give it justice.

Late during my pregnancy I found out I had gestational diabetes and because of it Dr. Yamashiro decided to induce me five days early. This was my first time being induced and it was really kind of nice being able to get things ready and have arrangements for the girls. (Amy and Sara were super stars and took such great care of my girls. It was so nice not worrying about them and knowing they were having a wonderful time!) The only bad thing about being induced is the night before. I wanted to try and get a good nights rest but I was way too excited to sleep.

We got to the hospital at 7:30 am and by 8:00 we were in the labor and delivery room ready to get things started. When Dr. Yamashiro came to brake my water at 9:00 (so MUCH more painful then just having it brake on it's own!!) I was still just at a 2. I was a little disappointed because earlier that week I was at a two.

After they started me on pictocin my contracts picked up pretty good and around noon I got my epidural. Poor John got a few good pinches during the procedure. I always seem to freak myself out too much when I get my epidural. I wish I had skipped that portion of the birthing class we took with Eleanor! Right after I got my epidural Amy arrived and it was fun having both her and John in the room to visit with.

Every time the nurses or Dr. Yamashiro checked me they commented on how the baby was still really high. Yamashiro kept saying the baby was way up in Idaho. Because the baby hadn't dropped I was stuck at a five for quite a few hours. I started getting really discouraged. They said the baby could have the cord around his neck and that could be keeping him from dropping or because of the diabetes he was bigger and could fit. Of course, Dr. Yamashiro didn't show any signs of being worried but I couldn't help but to think of all the worse.

Finally after a few hours my nurse put me in the most uncomfortable position possible in hopes of getting the baby to drop. I had to lay on my side with my left leg swung across me and up in the stirrup on the opposite side of the bed. It wouldn't have been so bad but every time I'd lay on my side my epidural would quite working. My right leg never went numb and when I was on my side my stomach would no longer be numb. It was horrible! Luckily this position worked and during a few of the most painful contracts the baby dropped! I knew something big had happened because I could feel every bit of it and it was PAINFUL!

After the big descend, things really started happening. I went from a five to an eight within a half hour and from an eight to pushing within 15 minutes. I can't explain how relieved I was that things had progressed and I was about to have my sweet little baby! During the day I had heard two different newborn cries in the rooms next to mine and I was anxious to have my baby in my arms and hear his little cry!!

After the first set of contractions and pushes they took the monitors that measured my contractions out of me informed me that I had to let them know when I was having a contraction so we knew when I needed to push. I got so nervous! Wasn't this their job to be telling me when to push, not the other way around? Luckily I could feel my contractions pretty good and was able to take charge.

I'm not quite sure exactly how many times I pushed but I don't think it was more then four or five and at 6:34 pm our sweet little baby made his big debut! The nurse threw a towel on me and then put the baby in the towel and rubbed him. I'll never forget seeing his cute little head and hearing his adorable high pitched cry. He cried and cried and I loved it! It was so much fun hearing his cry. I don't remember either of the girls crying like that!

John got to cut the cord and Yamashiro made sure to tell him not to be careful and not circumcise him. After the cord was cut they took him to the scale and we were all shocked to see that he was just 7lbs 9oz. He was the exact same weight and length as Amelia. We were all a little shocked he was so little. My biggest fear was having a 10lb baby and Yamashiro made sure to taunt me about it every chance he had.

Sara and the girls showed up about a half hour after Jude was born. It was so much fun watching all of their reactions when they walked in the room. Sara's first words were, "He looks just like Eleanor". Amelia couldn't stop saying "baby baby" and wanted to touch every inch of his body. Eleanor did say much and was pretty shy about getting to close to him.

Overall it was such an amazing experience. I would go back tomorrow and do it all over again! There is nothing like having a newborn and seeing your baby for the first time. It's amazing how much love you can have for something. I feel so incredibly blessed to have him here safe and to be part of our family. Eleanor said it the best, "I like our family better now".

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Farm

Don't ask me why Sara and I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids down to the Farm on the hottest day of the year AND just four days before Jude was born AND on a half off day which also meant huge lines! I about died laughing when I saw just how red the kid's cheeks were in these photos! They were all pretty good sports. Aunt Sara came to the rescue by buying us all drinks at Maverick after and I honestly don't think I've ever enjoyed something so much in my life!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

These two have always had a special little relationship and I love it. Last night I came downstairs to find this. It made me so happy.

Moving On Down!

With our little boy on his way, we had to make room for him by moving the girls down in the basement. At first Eleanor wasn't too keen on the idea but then John told her she could have a tv in her room and she was sold! (I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of them having a tv in their room.)

We already had the bedroom furniture from when we first got married but it was all painted black. I knew Eleanor would not move into a room with black furniture so last weekend we sanded and painted the furniture. It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out pretty cute. After John moved the tv down I had Eleanor come down and see it (thinking she would be thrilled). She looked at it for a second and then said, "I think it would look better with one of those skinnier tvs". Yeah, I agree Eleanor but it would take an awfully lot years to earn that much allowance.

We had Amelia sleep in the room the first night and she did fine. She did get up once but John and I slept down in the basement so it wasn't that big of a deal. I've decided since I'll be keeping the little man in our room for the first couple of months, I'm not going to keep Amelia in the crib upstairs.

Eleanor has been so responsible with her room. She cleans in every morning and is so proud of of it. She loved setting up all her treasures on her special self and she loves her closet. She and I are in disagreement about which side of the bedspread we like best. She prefers the yellow while I like the white. If she makes the bed she gets to have the yellow.