Friday, June 27, 2008

lehi stock parade...

Last night Eleanor and I met up with the Martins to watch the stock parade. Thanks to my friend, Crystal, we had the perfect location. We were righton Main street under a huge trees. I'll be honest, the parade wasn't anything to write home about, but Eleanor thought it was the greatest! There must have been at least 100 horses and I'm sure she waved or said hello to each and everyone. I still don't quite get her fascination with horses, but it's fun to see how excited she gets EVERY time she sees a horse. It was also her first parade where she actually understood the idea of picking up the candy that was being thrown. 
Before the parade Eleanor woke up so ornery from her nap. Sometimes she does that. She wakes up and is in such bad mood. I tried for a good half hour to make her snap out of it and nothing would work. Finally I remembered I had some Popsicles and sure enough that brought her happy mood back. I made her sit out on the back patio in her di
aper to eat it, which was smart because she had it ALL over th
e place!
We are heading down to another parade and the Lehi Roundup tonight. I honestly love small town celebrations!! I remember growing up in St. Johns and I always loved the 4th of July early morning breakfast and the 24th of July celebration. Utah is defiantly the place to live. Every town has their own celebrations and they are all so nearby. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

it's official...

yup, it's official the funnel cake place is here!! Lori and I have been putting together a little business and everything is pretty much done. We have our first event on the 4th of July at the Provo parade. If any of you are there make sure to stop by and have the BEST funnel cake and fresh squeezed lemonade around! We are super excited and can't wait to get started! Wish us luck!!

eleanor the paper doll...

Here it is, Eleanor's first paper doll. I've always loved paper dolls and the other day I had an idea to make Eleanor into a paper doll. She stands about 10 inches high and I mounted her on some illustration board with magnets and painted the back pink. I'm still in the process of making her some clothes. I tried photographing in in a few different outfits but found it IMPOSSIBLE to get her to stand in the same position, yet a lone still for 2 seconds. So, I've decided to just make different little outfits out of paper. 

I had to scan this so that's why it looks kind of bad. In person there is not that pink cast around it and the edges aren't so rough.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

farm country, zoo and ruth's diner...

The past few weeks all Eleanor talks about it is riding the horses and looking at all the other animals at Farm Country so we decided to take him with us. Right when we pull into the parking lot Eleanor starts yelling, "ride horse yeah!" over and over. It's so funny how much this little girl likes animals! So yeah, John got to see Eleanor run around and say hi to all the animals and even got to witness her yell at another kid for getting on "her" horse. Thursday night we decided to go to the zoo with Scott, Michelle and their kids to check out the new carousel. It was "members only" night and we should have known it would be wild and crowded! Personally, I actually really enjoy crowds so I thought it was pretty fun. We knew Eleanor would go crazy over the carousel. She could hardly contain herself while we waiting in line for 10 minutes. She was picking out all the animals she knew and saying hi to them. It's so funny to see how serious she is while riding animals. I could not get her to crack a single smile. I was a little nervous she would freak out when the ride was over, but surprisingly, she didn't. I'm sure she knows we'll be up there plenty in the near future.

After the zoo we headed up the canyon to our all time favorite, Ruth's Diner. The rest of the gang hadn't been there so we thought it would be nice to eat dinner outside. Well, that didn't last too long. It was freezing cold out and they sat us as far from the heaters as they could, so we decided to go inside. Of course the food was delicious and it was nice
hanging out with good company.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a little white trash...

Just a few minutes ago I was in my room studying for my midterm and had left Eleanor in the kitchen eating lunch. A few minutes passed and I didn'thear her talking (it's a rare thing to NOT hear her talking) so I heading in to check on her and this is what I found.Right after taking the photo I realized she could pass as a little white trash baby. I always swore I'd never let my kids go without having their hair done, always have them dressed cute and never give them mac-n-cheese. Well, as we can see I've given in. So yes, she may be a little white trash but I still LOVE her!


This weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday evening we had a night at the Snowbird Lodge. On the way up we decided to stop off at the Cheesecake Factory to grab a little dinner. On the way the canyon Eleanor started fussing a little bit and to keep my insanity I told her we'd go swimming right when we got the the hotel. Little did I know that she would understand "right when". Before we got to the room her clothes were basically off and she wanted her swim suit on! Unfortunately, we couldn't take her into the adult only pool and had to swim with a dozen other kids. John got grossed out and said he felt like he was swimming in urine. Nice, I know. After swimming we were planning on going for  a walk but it gotso dang cold we ended up watching Lary King.  The next morning we were shocked to wake up to 4 inches of snow! That's correct, 4 inches of snow in JUNE! We were a little bummed we didn't bring our skis up with us! I'll just be glad when summer finally gets here. I love the snow and I've really enjoyed this winter, but I'm REALLY looking forward to some HOT weather!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

view from my room...

With Spring comes great rain storms and amazing rainbows. When I pulled open my blinds this morning this is what I saw. I LOVE Spring!

eleanor's got her boots...

I know I get it from my mom, but I love little kids in cowboy boots. The other day I had to go down to the local Reams Western store to pick up our tickets for the Lehi Round Up. While I was buying the tickets Eleanor went shopping and picked out her very first pair of real cowgirl boots! Of course she had to take off the shoes she was wearing and put her boots on immediately. I was shocked when she looked down at her boots and said, "pink boots". I've been telling her all the colors, but this was the first she actually got it right! So yeah, its official Eleanor is a true Lehi Girl. Speaking of Lehi, John still gets so embarrassed when he as to tell people we live in Lehi. He grew up in the neighboring town, American Fork, and never really liked Lehi. As for me, I actually like our little town of Lehi.

Monday, June 2, 2008

john, flowers, eleanor and underoos...

I am so glad summer is finally here! The past few days/evenings are been beautiful! We've been spending a lot of time outside. Last Wednesday I hosted book club and the weather allowed us to have it outside on our patio. Then on Friday night we had a group of friends over for a BBQ and smores over the fire pit. Saturday John went over to the Highland Nursery and picked up some flowers for our flower pots. John has such a great talent for gardening! He put together seven pots of flowers and they are all stunning! I tried putting a few together while he was at work but they looked so bad John had to fix them. If he could, John would love to quit his job at Goldman Sachs and open a nursery. Maybe one day! 

Of course Eleanor has to be right there next to John helping with the flowers (aka pulling off pedals or digging in the dirt).

I had to include these photos of Eleanor in her first pair of underoos! I was lucky to find some with ponies on them. The first pair lasted a whole hour and before the "horse peed". I'm not quite sure why Eleanor is so obsessed with horses and peeing.