Saturday, November 27, 2010

Utes Take The Win

This was our first year of being Utah season tickets holders! There is nothing like a good college football game during the fall and early weeks of winter!! We had such a good time at all the games this year and were even lucky enough to sale two of our tickets for the TCU and make almost enough money to pay for our season tickets! Hopefully we can keep our seats for years to come!!

The last game was the big rival game between UTAH and BYU. My dad and Davey were up for Thanksgiving and they got to come along with us. It was freezing cold but so much fun. I think we were all pretty shocked when UTAH pulled it off with a one point victory!

And yes, that is a U in the back of John's head. We were shaving his head the night before and I suggest he do a mohak for the game but instead he went with the U. Too bad it was so cold he had to keep his hat on the entire game! I seriously love how much John loves the University of Utah. I too love it and hope our kids will continue with the love!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had such an enjoyable Thanksgiving this year. We were spoiled with amazing house guest. My parent's and Amy and Davey joined us from Arizona and Sara, Dick and Henry came down from SLC. The weather leading to Thanksgiving was pretty bad and we weren't sure if my Dad or Davey would get here. But, luckily everyone made it and we had a fabulous weekend! Of course the dinner spread was amazing and complete with my Dad's famous stuffing, our traditional cranberry salad, Davey's awesome potatoes, Mom's rolls, and this year Sara added frog-eyed-salad.

Our entire guest list.
Starting the morning off by watching A Christmas Story (or as Eleanor calls it, "You'll shoot your eye out").Amy, Davey and Eleanor made our adorable name settings.

Mom and Dad slaving away in the kitchen.

The two adorable cousins wearing the their Thanksgiving shirts that Mimi gave them.

Our make-shift dinning room table. (My next home will have a large enough dinning room to host another Thanksgiving without having to pull out the Costco tables!!)
The cute table toppers my mom gave us girls. Love them.
Aunt Amy spoiled all the cousins and gave them matching pajamas. They all looked so cute!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The First Snow Fall

This morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow covering out backyard. Eleanor could hardly wait to get out and play. (This was a bit of a shocker. Typically she doesn't care to play in the snow. She thinks it's too cold). I was so happy she wanted to go out. She stayed out there and played for a good hour. She got so upset at me for taking photos so I gave the camera to John and helped her make a snow castle. While we were out building, John got some great photos of Amelia and her first snow experience (She has been a little sick so I didn't want to take her out). She loved playing with the snow balls John gave her and loved eating the snow.

This is one reason why I love living in Utah. I truly love the snow and I can't wait for more snow/play days! Welcome first snow!