Thursday, November 29, 2007

a little arizona perfection...

we spent thanksgiving in arizona this year. both john and i agree that the holiday was one of our favorites yet. here is a little recap of our fabulous trip:
john had to work until 1pm so right when he got home i had the car packed, fueled and ready to roll. from door to door we made it in 10 hours even. not bad with a one year old. eleanor did pretty good. she did mange to gag herself causing her to throw up. it was pretty disgusting! we also realized she doesn't sleep much in her new froward facing car seat and wished we could have brought a flashlight so she could have read her books.

we went to lunch with mom and sara at the best little place. i can't remember the name but they serve cornish pasties. yum! thanks sara and mom for the recommendation. john is still talking about it. sara also gave me a 'sara special' haircut. she's the best!! i don't know how she does it, but she can make any one's hair look great! again, thanks sara. elsye and jeff came over that night so we got to see them for a bit. we also went to sara's work and then out to eat at abuelos with dick and sara. this was john's first time there and he loved it. i off course scarfed down the queso and chips. oh and eleanor got to spend a lot of time with mimi and jake. she loves them both soo much!

a perfect day. john, jeff, dick and my dad played some frisbee golf while the rest of us helped get things ready for dinner while listening to our frist christmas songs of the year. the dinner was amazing. my dad made the BEST stuffing (my all time favorite thanksgiving dish) and my mom made SIX pies. we had the askins over and it was such a fun day. we also got to go over to ashely and niki's to see their cute family and wish emma a happy birthday.

john and dick got up at 4 something to hit the big sales, while the rest of us stayed in bed. they got some great stuff at staples such as a couple of external hard drives, jump drives and a few other great deals. then john and i drove out with brad jarves to meet up with andy and elizabeth's family 4wheeling. i hadn't seen brad in years and it was fun catching up with him. we also had fun 4wheeling, shooting guns. andy and elizabeth have quite the collection of toys! thanks for inviting us! for lunch we met up with ahsley, amy, jeff, elyse, sara and dick and tried to eat at lo-lo's (sp?) but it was closed. so we then all went to la grande orange for some great pizza, tuna melts and gelato. it was so much fun. what a great place! theron and amanda game over and we played games. my favorite was ty and eleanor playing together. i can't believe how grown up ty is and how dang cute he is!!

we were so glad we were able to be in town for emma's baptism. (read amy's blog). she is so little and so dang cute! i love that little girl! after the baptism we had to hit tc eggingtons for john. every time we are in az he loves going there. dick pulled some sort of magic and was able to get us seated within minutes. what a stud. of course the food was excellent! i tell you, arizona has some pretty dang good restaurants. maybe its a good thing we don't live there...
i can't remember which day sara and dick bought gitar hero, but we had a lot of fun playing it. that game is not easy!! but you should see dick...he's got a little axel in him! and how can forget about the football game, well we would have liked to forget about it. we all wen to theron's to watch the pathetic game. john and i were the only utes fan! what a disappointment! after the game we went and saw dan in real life with my parents. i thought it was funny and john thought the girls were too hard on their dad. i was a little surprised we only made it to one movie. john got to do a little tie and pants shopping with my dad. (john has great taste in ties and got some pretty nice looking ones) we then met up with sara, dick and ashley and his girls at matas. you can't go to az without stopping at matas. eleanor was in awe of the mariachi band and loved the salsa.


we were on the road by 5:30 am. my mom drove up with us and entertained eleanor most the trip. i don't think eleanor cried once!! the drive was actually really nice and we didn't hit bad weather or traffic!

i'm sure i've missed a few things, but really we had a great weekend. i'm not sure when or if i'll get photos up...but i'll at least put some on smugmug. now its back to school and cramming for exams!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

i never thought it would happen...

wow, i think my little red car is dead, gone, done in!! earlier this week john was driving it and said it was really loud, couldn't go past 40 mph and that something was definitely wrong with it. this morning on the way to the mechanic, it died. its a good thing john made sure i had my cell phone with me just in case this were to happen. when i pulled up to john he pronounced the car dead. he had already started cleaning out the car. i was laughing so hard when i took this photo. don't get me wrong, i was a tad bit sad to see my little old car dead. i've had that car for nearly 10 years. we are still waiting to get a call back from the mechanic to see what the final word is. who knows, maybe we'll be doing a little car shopping down in az!!!!

movie club or i mean book club...

this month we read 'love in the time of cholera'. i kind of cheated this month. i had read the book a few years back and just got too lazy to re-read it. but i think i'm going to give it another try. i remember really enjoying it the first time i read it. for our meeting this month we met up for ice cream at thanksgiving point and then head out to the theater to watch the movie. a lot of people couldn't make it and we missed them, but those that were there had a good time (well at least i did). only crystal, elicia and i went to the movie. i'm SO glad we decided to go, it was such an amazing film!!!! i wish all the books we read had great movies like this one. next month we are reading 'the giver'.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

assignment 3...

this assignment we had to do a photo-narative using 6 images. the orignial size is 5x26 and its horizontal rather than verticle (it would not fit on the blog horizontal)

Monday, November 12, 2007

christmas flick list...

nothing puts me into the holiday spirit more then movies. this year john and i have decided to have a holiday movie marathon. here is what we have to look forward too:

the family stone
the holiday
love actually
while you were sleeping
home alone 1
white christmas
national lampoon's christmas vacation
the family man
a charlie brown christmas
it's a wonderful life
miracle on 43th street (1947)

can't wait to get started...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

photobooth blog

Thursday, November 1, 2007


halloween 2007 was a great sucess. we had a good time dressing up, going to john's work and passing out candy. eleanor enjoyed walking up and down our street. she made sure to wave and say hi to every trick-or-treator. she also ate more then enought wonder she woke up at 2am with a tummy ache.