Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Before It's Two

Amelia's bottom tooth is the cutest thing. I love how she only has one right now and how it's totally cricked. Her second little tooth popped through this week and I am going to miss her single tooth smile. However, I will not miss the runny nose and fussy nights.

Other big news, Amelia is saying her first word (other then dada). She said it for the first time last weekend and says it quite a bit now. In true Amelia fashion, her first word was "hi". Love it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Soaking Nice

This morning Eleanor asked me if I would get out all her jewelry. Twenty minutes later she asks me to take her photo. While taking her photos she says, "McKenna is soaking nice. Can you believe she gave me all this expensive jewelry. I am going to keep it even when I'm grownup."

* I know I should correct her, but I love when she uses 'soaking' for 'so dang'.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Living the Life

Today I've been busy getting things done around the house and I must admit I was VERY jealous when I walked into this scene. Nothing beats laying in bed eating popcorn while watching the Parent Trap. I think I might just have to join in...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Slice of Life

I walked into my bedroom this morning and this is what I found. I love how Eleanor came and found Amelia in my bed and cuddled up next to her. They slept like this for two hours.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chomper And A Crawler

While I was down in Arizona Amelia got her first little tooth. I so sad for my little girl. She was pretty miserable for a few days before her tooth popped out. These were some of the last photos I got of her sans teeth. As of today, she still has just the little tooth on the bottom and I suspect a second will make its way any day.

I feel a little guilty about this, but I can honestly say I have not been looking forward to the day Amelia learns to crawl. I love being able to sit her down in one place, give her a few toys and know she'll be entertained for a few minutes. Well, today the little nugget figured it out. She's been working on it for a few weeks but this morning it all came together. In true Amelia style, she was tickled pink with herself and loved having all of us cheering her on. (I've never seen a baby love an audience more then Amelia!) I didn't capture her first crawling on film, but these were taken just the other day and I'm guessing I won't be getting many more photos of her on her tummy.

I really do wish I could stop these little milestones from accruing and keep this little baby little longer. She's growing faster then we signed up for!