Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Easter Morning

Easter morning was a lot of fun this year. Eleanor had been talking about the Easter Bunny for a few weeks and was pretty anxious to see what he/she was going to bring her. Every year the Easter Bunny leaves a little trail of eggs that leads to the girls baskets. Eleanor was so sweet with Amelia and made sure she got to find a few eggs along the way.

Over all I think the Easter Bunny did not disappoint! Eleanor was beyond thrilled with the pink ipod she got and both the girls loved their sunglasses. I don't think I'll ever sick tired of watching the excitement of Easter morning!

A few things the Easter Bunny brings each year:
Swim suits
Crayons/Coloring books


Not quite sure why, but for some reason Amelia feels like she needs to wear her pants low-rider style. And I mean really low. She also loves to pull her diaper down so her little bum shows. I guess it's a good thing she has such a cute little bum it she's going to show it off!

Lehi Round Up Celebration:

Each year I look forward to our town's celebration. All the parades, activities, breakfast and rode reminds me of the 24th of July celebration I enjoyed each year while growing up in St. Johns. This year John took work off on Thursday so he was able to attend the stock parade with us. Eleanor loves this parade. Every little pony she saw she wanted. I must admit seeing the cute little ponies pulling the mini wagons made me want one as well. Amelia decided to take a nap during 90% of the parade. I was disappointed she missed most of it because I knew she would love it. For the small portion she did see, she loved it. She was totally mesmerized by all the horses. I'm sad I didn't get any photos at the parade.

After the parade we met up with the Johnsons, Rosevears and the Wildes for the rodeo. It was a perfect night for a rodeo and I'm so happy we had Ashley watch Amelia. I can only imagine what a pain in the neck she would have been!

On Saturday we left the house early to go enjoy a chuck wagon breakfast at the park. After breakfast we walked around to some of the booths and Eleanor got to spend some of her allowance (she gets a whooping $4.00 each week) and she choose two dresses for her barbie dolls. Of course she had to pick out the most outrageous and glamours dresses.

We met up with the Shirleys for the parade. They were nice enough and set out chairs the night before so we had great seats. Both girls were pretty determined to get as much candy as they could. I think Amelia ate about 30 pieces of candy. She even got pretty good at stilling other kids candy.

(Eleanor and her attitude. I swear she thinks she's a little mini adult!)

Eleanor has been a little bit obsessed with the tuba lately and so she loved seeing all the marching bands. She's determined she's going to be in the marching band when she gets older. I'd love to see that!!

Dang Amelia has got a bad addiction to diet pepsi. It's getting a little out of hand.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote of the day was from Eleanor to Amelia while they were playing in the kitchen. Eleanor was preparing to give Amelia a ride in the laundry basket and she says to her, "Amelia, don't stop believing. This ride will go on and on and on".

Monday, June 20, 2011

Small Things

It's 9:20 am on a Monday morning. I'm down stairs working on the computer and I can hear both girls playing in the toy room. The sound makes me so happy. They are both playing with their own toys and each are singing to themselves. It's about the cutest things I've seen/heard.

I didn't want to disturb them and take a photo, so instead I found an older photo of just Amelia playing in the toy room. And yes, the toy room is just as messy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


These two girls are quite the friends. This morning Eleanor put Amelia in this basket along with all her babies and pulled/pushed her all around the house. Amelia loved every second of it! I heard Eleanor saying, "Oh what a cute Chinese baby". I didn't quite understand what she was talking about until I went out and looked at Amelia. I'd have to agree, she did look like a cute little Chinese baby.

Then again later tonight they pulled out the basket and babies and did it all over again.

Father's Day

We had a great father's day today! When Eleanor woke the first thing she asked was, "Is it Father's Day?". The girls were able to color John cards and help make breakfast before John woke. When Eleanor finished her card she taped the cards on our bedroom door and then knocked to wake John up. She was so excited to start the celebrations.

We are so lucky to have John in our lives! He's such a patient and tender dad. Both Eleanor and Amelia adore him. Eleanor had a list of things she loved about Dad.

* He buys me lots of toys.
* He never spanks me.
* He lets me go swimming.
* He teaches me things.
* He plays with me.
* He let's me water the flowers and plant my pumpkins.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let Summer Begin!

Today felt like the summer and we all loved it! We got to sleep in a bit and then headed down to Pleasant Grove for our first parade. The girls enjoyed watching the floats and John and I had fun watching their excitement. Eleanor was defiantly a lot more into getting candy this year. She is still pretty timid and won't go near a piece of candy if other kids are around. She also loved all the dance teams, town royalties and the marching bands. She has been wanting to learn about instruments. Her favorite right now are violins, trumpets, tuba and bass. Amelia loved all the balloons and wanted to follow them down the parade route. She also thought the police on their motorcycles was pretty cool. But her favorite was getting her very own soda. She thought she was pretty cool.

After the parade we headed over to Wallabys for lunch. Amelia slept all during lunch which made it much more enjoyable for us! Since she was still asleep after lunch John ran into Highland nursery for his first flower shopping spree of the year. I love how much John loves flowers and how he makes our yard/patio look so beautiful each year.

When we finally got home the girls played in the water while John and I did yard work. Eleanor thinks it's really funny to spray Amelia in the face and Amelia finds it just as funny. I love watching the two of them play together. For the most part they get along really well. Amelia loves all the attention Eleanor gives her and Eleanor loves that Amelia wants to do everything with her. I am contestantly reminding them how lucky they are to have each other and I hope they continue to be best friends.

Eleanor got to pick out a few toys at the dollar store a few weeks ago and decided to go with a bug catcher. I'm not a huge fan of having a bug catcher full of snails, worms and rolly pollies in my house, but Eleanor has loved it! Today she caught 14 snails. I can just see Amelia getting her little paws on that thing and letting all those snails loose in our house!

One of my favorite things about warm weather is how our girls play and play and then crash at night. Amelia was so tired she fell asleep on the couch while I was making dinner. I can count on one hand how many times she's fallen asleep without being put down for bed. I wanted to snap a photo of her but ended up waking her which put her in a pretty bad mood for the rest of the night!

I look forward to many warm/fun summer days!