Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Cecilia

My kiddos have a new cousin and she is adorable!! Amy had Cecilia on November 8th and Sara and I drove down will all our kids to be there for the big day. We couldn't all fit in one car and our rental van turned out being twice as expensive as we thought so ended up caravanning (is that a word?). Eleanor went with Sara and Henry and I kept Amelia and Jude. Jude we perfect! He cried maybe a 5 minutes (different story coming home) and Amelia only cried once when she got her arm stuck outside her car seat straps. I'm not sure where she came up with it but the entire drive down Amelia kept saying, "Mom watch out the cars". At first I thought it was really cute but after 10 hours of hearing that every few minutes I kind of went a little crazy!

Poor Amy was expecting to go into the hospital on Thursday night but didn't actually go in until Sunday. After nearly 40 hours of labor she was still only at a 2 so they took Cecilia by cesarean.
Davey and Amy did a great job and Cecilia is adorable! Seeing how small Cecilia was made me really miss having Jude as a tiny new born. In fact, right after she was born I spent nearly the entire next day holding and cuddling my little Jude. It's just not fair they have to grow so dang fast!

It was so much fun being down in Arizona for the arrival of Cecilia and being around family. Because of weather we ended up staying in AZ for 12 days. My girls had the time of their lives being with their cousin and it was fun having Jude meet everyone. Henry and Amelia loved being with each other all day and got in a lot of time with Olive, Jonathan, Lincoln and Elena. They are all going to be quite the rowdy bunch in a few years!

I didn't take many photos so I stole these from Aunt Sara.

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