Tuesday, February 26, 2008

cries, laughs, messes, hugs...i miss them all!

Eleanor flew down to AZ with Amy yesterday and John and I are missing her like crazy!!! Back in Dec. she went down for almost a week while I was in finals. Of course I missed her, but I was so busy and really stressed that I didn't have time to really think about it. I guess I was thinking this trip would be like the last...boy was I wrong. I was seriously kind of depressed all day yesterday. The only thing that helped was knowing that my parents were going to be so shocked when they saw Eleanor. We haven't seen my parents since before Christmas which is the longest stretch since Eleanor's was born.  My poor mom has been calling and trying to arrange a time to meet up but I've been putting her off and trying to keep Eleanor's visit a surprise. Amy flew in last weekend but told my parents she was going to LA. We knew that if my mom knew Amy was in Utah she'd ask Amy to bring Eleanor home and we wanted to surprise her. It has been so HARD not telling her, but it was totally worth it. Both my mom and dad were so surprised. My took video of both and is planning on putting it on her blog. Of course Eleanor is having a great time! She doesn't seem to be missing us one bit! She's loving all the attention. I did get to talk to her a little on the phone and it was so cute hearing her say, "hi mom". I love that little girl and miss her so much!! I will admit, John and I went out to eat last night and it was so nice being alone. Now maybe today I can knock off a few of my things to do....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grandpa Hatch

Late Monday night Grandpa Hatch passed away. Its been hard seeing him so sick these past few months. He was lucky enough to have his sweet wife take care of him at home and was surrounded by family his last few days. His funeral was really sweet and tender. You could tell he was loved by so many especially his family and all his grand and great-grandkids. I had never been to a military burial before and was really touched by the service. I am so lucky I've got to know Grandpa Hatch these past few years. It's still hard to think he won't be at the next birthday party or be there when we visit Grandma next. We love you Grandpa Hatch!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I felt it...

Early this morning I had just woken up and was laying in bed when I felt my bed rocking. I kind of thought I was imagining it so I looked up and could see that the cords from the ceiling fan were swaying as well as the blinds on windows. I called John to tell him that I thought we just had a little earthquake. We talked on the phone for a few minutes and then I looked online and sure enough there was an earthquake in Nevada. I think that brings my earthquake experiences to a grand total of three. My very first earthquake was while I was in high school in Chile. I was in class and all of a sudden everything on the walls started shaking and kids started getting under their desk. I remember being pretty freaked out. Then number two also happened in Chile, but when we were home and was pretty big. I think I remember Amy or Sara crying and my dad telling us to get under door frames. I'm really glad the earthquake in today wasn't too big and didn't cause too much damage. I guess this just gives me another arguing point with John to move out of Utah...we'll see if he buys it.

family photos...

For one of my photo classes I'm doing a project using some old family photos. I have had so much fun this afternoon going through all of our family photos. We had such an exciting childhood and I'm so glad my dad took so many photos. He is such an awesome photographer. He captured so many funny moments. He's inspired me to take more photos of my own little family. 


This photo pretty much describes the friendship between Eleanor and Evan. Evan is always so calm and easy going, while Eleanor seems to always be pestering and bossing Evan around. Its so much fun watching these two play together. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eleanor's newest fashion fad...

Just last night John was telling me how Eleanor cracks him up. She's always doing something wild and has got the best personality. Well, this morning she was playing in her room while I was peaking through the door and she had the bottoms of one of her swimming suits and was trying to put them on as a hat. She finally got frustrated and came for help. I love it!

Monday, February 18, 2008

youtube junkies...

recently i've discovered the best babysitter...youtube! yes, you read correct. its magical. i've found that if i find videos of puppies, ducks and especially horses eleanor will sit in front of the computer and actually be entertained for a good half hour or so. for a kid that rarely naps and will not watch t.v., this is a great little trick to get a few minutes to myself. today adyson was introduced to youtube and i'm afraid we have another addict. 

valentines 2008

I'm really sad I don't have any photos of Valentines day from this year. I was going to send out Valentines cards but never got around to it. Next year for sure. This past week John and I have been trying to remember what we've done for Valentines day the last 4 years and we've had a really hard time, so I thought I better document this years happenings. 

The night before V-day I made John a "love" mix, a little valentine and some sugar cookies and put them in his car the night before. In the morning when Eleanor woke up I told her I had a little gift for her and that she needed to close her eyes. She the cute girl closes her eyes and folds her arms like we are going to say a prayer. It was so cute. I had her present, a big pop out book of different animals, behind my back and when I pulled it out she opened her mouth really big and was so excited. It was really cute!!! Needless to say, she LOVED her new animal book. Of course she did, anything with animals Eleanor loves! 

This year I was supposed to be in charge of Valentines day and I did have plans to make a nice dinner of filet mignon and king crab...but plans got changed. John's work gave him tickets to a concert to the Utah Symphony  at Abravenel Hall. How could I turn that down?? So I made reservations at Biaggis. John's parents were so nice to come over at watch Eleanor so we could enjoy a nice evening.  Of course dinner was great and the concert was amazing. We lucked out and had 3rd row seats. I LOVE valentines day. 

Friday, February 15, 2008

arctic living...

Wednesday night we had the worst storm I've ever seen!! it was so strange because the morning was so nice, the sun was out and it was actually a little warm. then right around 2pm it got cloudy and began snowing and the wind started blowing. at 4 pm when it was time for me to leave for school you seriously could not see across the street. i called my professor to tell her it was a total white-out. i was a little nervous that she wouldn't believe me because I'd called john to get the weather report downtown and he said it was snowing just a little. That's one thing about our house, it could be sunny EVERYWHERE else, and yet we're getting inches of snow! oh and also during this time the power went out. it was out for about an hour and then off and on for another hour. i never realized how much i depend on electricity. i was kind of lost without my computer(which I was working on my assignment right when the power went out), tv, stove and our phone. so to pass away the power outage, Eleanor and i made some visual aids for my nursery singing time and of course Eleanor had a huge pile of books she wanted read to.

There a few photos of John and Eleanor shoveling the snow a few days after the storm. I can honestly say, I LOVE getting all this snow!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

lovey dovey for steph....

how long have you been together?
married-4 years in may
"together"- 8 years

how long did you date?
off and on for nearly 4 years

who eats more?
john no question

who said i love you first?
i think john did. i remember the night, just don't remember who said it first. does it really matter??

who is taller?
john by at least 8 inches

who has more speeding tickets?

who is smarter?
i hate to say this...but i'm afraid john may be smarter.

who is more sensitive?
john...but he's teaching me how to be more sensitive...

when theres a fight who usually wins?
we honestly don't fight much and i really don't know who wins more

who does the laundry and dishes?
i do most of both...but john will help any time i need. the only problem with john doing it, is he's more of a perfectionist and takes him twice the time i could do it.

who sleeps on the right?
i'm not sure. we seem to switch sides of the beds every few months. i thin i'm sleeping on the left because thats the side with the lamp on the wall. 

who pays the bills?
john. i pay no attention to money!

who mows the lawn?
john normally does, but i like to do it sometimes. again, john is such a perfectionist and it seriously takes him at least 2 hours longer to mow then when i do it!

who cooks  dinner?
monday and wednesday john cooks
the rest of the week i cook. 

who drives when you are together?
john. i think i've taken the driver seat with john in the car maybe 3 times total! if eleanor knew how to drive i'd let her. i hate driving!!

who is more stubborn?
me of course. john is almost the opposite of stubborn

who kissed whom first?
we were forced under some mistletoe 

who asked who out first?
john did. he'd asked me out earlier during the week and i told him to ask me closer to the weekend. on friday he called and i was with amy. amy told him i'd go out with him if he got her a date and if they took us out to dinner. needless to say it was a fun date but a little weird making out wile your sister is making out in the same room....

who proposed?
john by total shock. we were on a trip to peru. he was ticky and picked out a ring without me knowing (thats the way i wanted it...a total shock!) while we were hiking around in machu picchu he took me on a secluded trail and popped the question. i was so happy and shocked i started laughing!! i know i may be a little biased, but i really think i have the best engagement ever!!

who has more siblings?
me at 6 john at 5

blog book...

last week i created a book of my blog on blurb. if you haven't done this yet, its a must! i just got mine in the mail today and i'm so happy with it!!! i've been doing photobooks for each year, but i love this new addition to my books. i like having my blog entries included, it makes for a great journal. thanks blurb!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

10 pm craziness...

this is what i got to come to tonight!! eleanor loves this little headband and is ALWAYS wanting to wear it. every time we get ready to leave the house she'll run and find her headband and put it on and insists on wearing it out. i used to think i'd be the type of mom who would always have her kids looking perfect...but i'm actually finding it too much fun letting her do her own things. like today, she had to wear a dress that is 2 sizes too small. she's such a nut!!1

assignment two...

for this assignment we were all given a tarot card to design and print for the class. as you can see, i got the death card. i loved this assignment and i'm actually planning on making my own set of go fish cards for eleanor.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

super tuesday...

i was sad my t-shirt didn't get here for today...but i still made it to the polls. lori and i went together and we were shocked that there were no lines and it took less then 2 minutes! i'm anxious to see the results from all the other 24 (i think thats the correct number)states polls tonight.

happy birthday basketball....

don't ask me??  last week eleanor learned both "basketball" and "birthday" and she loves saying them together. sometimes she gets saying them so fast you can't tell what she's saying. she cracks us up!! here are some more of her new words...

moo (when asked what a cow says)
money (she means monkey)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

snowed in sunday...

this morning we woke up to a HUGE snow storm. john had to get up early to get the newsletter ready for church. after he finished it i told him there's no way he's going to be able to get out of our driveway with all the snow. of course he didn't listen to me and got suck right in the middle of the driveway. we shoveled and pushed for about 30 mins. our neighbor also came to help but the car would not budge. john had to lay a bunch of snowmelt around all the tires and wait a few hours for the snow to stop. our other neighbor, rob, came and used his snowblower and got our drive way all plowed. i swear, i've never seen so much snow in my life. this winter has been great!! normally i get so sick of the winter by now, but i'm loving all this snow! of course, eleanor loved playing in the snow today. she was out there for about 30 min. and was not too happy when i made her come in.